DED! // A play for the living performed by the dead - MATRIX THEATER 


Latin Grammy-winning director Carlos Lopez Estrada, in collaboration with director/puppeteer Cristina Bercovitz, premiered on October 10 his new show DED!, a multimedia play inspired by the Mexican tradition of Día de Muertos (Day of The Dead). This unique multimedia experience combined performing arts disciplines such as mime, clowning, live orchestral music, puppetry, stunts and video art. DED! had performances every weekend in October at the Matrix Theatre. (15 shows total with possible extension into November)

Día De Los Muertos is a time of celebration on remembrance. It is a time to come to terms with our mortality and become aware of the cycle of life. DED! is a colorful theatrical representation of this important holiday. The show will present an imaginative, visceral, and artful exploration on the concepts of death and dying. Rather than deny, fear or mystify the subject, DED! encourages its audiences to contemplate the meaning of our mortality. 



CHALLENGE #1 // Previews & Partnerships

Aware of the importance on pre-sales, Pazos Media reached out to notorious and influent media outlets in Los Angeles with the objective of motivate early sales and generating buzz around the show prior to the opening. 

Pazos Media also collaborated with The Mexican Consulate in Los Angeles to attract the attention of the Latino community in the city.

CHALLENGE #2 // Reviews

Reviews are extremely efficient to attract audience into a play. Pazos Media invited and arranged reviews & interviews not only across theater - focused media outlets but also across general media outlets with interest in Arts & Culture. 

CHALLENGE #3 // US Hispanic Media

Given the fact that the director is latino and that won a Latin Grammy Pazos Media also invited and arrange interviews / reviews with the most notorious and prestigious media outlets aimed at the Latino Community in Los Angeles.